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ori-pei puppy FeeBee

cute puppy “ori-pei” feebee 11 weeks old
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Bonnie likes watching TV, except when she thinks the lions are real

Dogs Q&A

A dog that visit hospices, elderly peoples homes etc?
We have a very loving and very affectionate choc lab boy. He is done, house trained, capitulation trained and only just 9 months old.I would love to hold him become one of those dogs that visits hospitals, hospices, old peoples homes, children’s homes etc as he really…

A Dream i have just about my puppy?
the other day I had a dream that I was taking my puppy out for a put your foot and when stood still I pet her very gently as she looked at me with her puppy dog look and adjectives of a sudden she was glowing like…

A examine more or less dog breeds?
I saw a dog online and under it, it said the dog was a GSD/GSDX. I know a GSD is a german shepherd,but what does gsd/gsdx mean?

A few dog question for you?
What breed of dog do you own?What breed is your favorite?How many dogs do you have?What do you feed them?What are your opinion on raw feeding?Do you prefer male dogs or feminine dogs?

A few question more or less person allergic to dogs?
When I first moved in with my husband I had 2 cats and 1 dog. Well he be allergic to them, but as the time went by he was fine with them. We made certain then animals never went in our room and never be on our…

A flawless dog naming site?
I would like to know a dog naming site with a random button so i don’t own to read all of the names plzzzzz

A flawless heading 4 a dog?
IT’s a baby laso apso.Here is a pic. /var/folders/9T/9T5-SbAOEdSjSr0QWb+0DE… 35.jpg

A grill just about low cost clinics?
Ok, so there was a Girl at my work, She had a womanly dog and was letter the dog breed with it’s babies, and afterwards just giving away the puppies, I almost threw up when she told me< so I held within my hateful comments and suggested…

A grill more or less dog agility competitions? Junior competitions?
I am 13, and I am interested in Junior Showmanship. I am getting a vizsla puppy in January, and I was wondering, how precisely do I start doing agility competitions? Is it true that I can’t show my dog if I get him or her spayed or…

A honourable dog breeder within Missouri?
Im not sure on what breed of dog i want. So i want to go to a breeder that has heaps breeds. I live in the middle of Missouri and dont want to travel to far so i can go and meet next to the puppies and…

A horrible situation happen ?
Ok, so this morning I went to school and my friends were chitchat about going to one of their friends houses and asked me would I join along. They said it wasn’t too far and it was individual a 10 minute walk. I agreed to go with…

A house of ferrell cats enjoy moved into my outdoor shed. is it OK to install an electric stove for them?
Will it make them less tolerant of the cold in the adjectives?

A little serve near my gsd?
Ok so I have a 6 month old gsd old and I involve a little help, I did research befroe I got her and I know what she was about but I could some more help.she nip at u when we wanna pet her and jumps on…

A lump on the side of my dogs snout/lip?
i just noticed she had a lump on the side of her snout by her feeler. it’s about the size of a grape. any ideas on what it could be?

A maltese dog..? (INFO)?
i need information about a maltese dog. i may get one. please dont check out of links to different sites. :] thanks!

A miserable designation to make a contribution my puppy?
Okay so Ive got a chihuahua puppy and I want to name him something mean and “tough” but i hold no clue as to what, he is a black and red brindle pup like a pit bull so maybe that will help, remember guys reflect tough! Thanks

A Pets Ten commandments?
A PET’S TEN COMMANDMENTS… 1. My life is likely to last 10-15 years. Any separation from you is promising to be painful. 2. Give me time to understand what you want of me. 3. Place your trust in me. It is crucial for my well-being. 4. Don’t…

A pitbull attacked a horse within my neighborhoos, what precautions should I pinch to support my animals from it?
it made in onto the news: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XO_lCT1Hg… I have 2 siberian huskies, aardvark, a swordfish and a hog.. I am thinking just about buying a new animal to protect the house, such as a python

A puppie i cant stand it?
we whent 2 a animal shelter to adopet a blood hound for my big sis and ther was a lil puppie thare its a collie mix and hes a boy and my mom and dad said i cnat have him i feal sooo bad for him is…

A puppy for the Holidays?
A few days ago I made a poster that I had the intention of posting at our local “puppy selling” pet store, just to spite them. So this Pet store has be selling Ori-Pei’s which just about makes me want to throw up…because they’re recounting people that…

ok so my boyfriend is gettin me a shorkie yorkie mixed with shitzu ya. i wanna kno how big its going to get as an adult cuz approaching i HATE big dogs i wanna lil dog there so kute! does the boy get bigger or the…

A query going on for person in charge collars?
Does anyone use these with their dogs?? I have an 8 month Mastiff and I recently purchased a commander collar for him( the kind that goes around the muzzle to help near pulling) my only problem is that when I try to walk him with it on,…

A Question About My Little Girl?
I have a Chow/Lab/Pit mix puppy that just turned six months yesterday. Lately she has be suffering from horrible stomach aches and gas. I mistakenly assumed that she had acquired worms because her stomach bloated up and be hard (that was a week ago). Turned out that,…

A quiz almost clicker training?
I’m confused about the purpose… The best I can come up with is that you associate the unique nouns of the clicker with treats and love, so you can approve appropriate behaviors as they’re happening because we can sometimes miss those behaviors. Am I right? Or is…

A really upright surrounded by house Kennel?
My friend has a 11 year old really sweet calm pit bull. She is one of the most docile dogs around. The with the sole purpose problem is that she is really attached to her owner. When her owner leaves the house it gets…

A registered puppy cross to describe Bella from Twilight?
I will be getting a GSD puppy next June-July. I’m thinking of naming her Bella, after Bella from Twilight. So, now all I inevitability is a registered name for her. But I don’t want just <kennel name> Bella Swan (or Bella Cullen). I don’t want her just…

A sound out for adjectives vet and vet techs…?
Actually, anyone who has an idea can answer this.When I grow up, I want to be a veterinarian. Well, start out as a vet tech, but work my way up. Is within anything I can do now (I’m in 8th grade, 13) to back me get into…

A sound out in the order of house-breaking?
We purchased a darling corgi at 4 months. She was from a puppy mill and she broke our hearts, have been crated for almost all of her life span. Do you think this is why we are having problems house training her? She goes…

A sound out nearly housetraining..?
I got my pom at 7 months (dont ask), and the breeder always left the doors depart for the dogs to go to the loo. Anyways, when we got him he would pee and poo in the house when the door be shut, but when the…

A sudden request for information for someone that know nearly dogs…?
A couple of months ago this stray dog showed up at my house, I’m not sure what she is exactly. She’s about the size of a dachshund but not as long, and she’s get long white wiry hair. Anyway, I’m not sure if she be pregnant when…

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